Retail Sales

  • One month Intensive training programme
  • Workplace simulted labs
  • Training through online & multimedia content
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • English & soft skills

A variety of factors including technological innovations are reshaping how consumers purchase products and altering individual spending habits.

-India Today


How This Course Can Help You Succeed

Today, India is experiencing a retail boom. The retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It is a retail revolution brought on by rising demand by the country’s young working population living in nuclear families, liberalization in trade and the increase in an average Indian’s spending power. At this rate it is expected to become the world’s fifth largest consumer market. This means that graduates can look forward to rapid career growth in this young sector. And to be successful in this field a candidate needs to be dynamic, be able to multi-task and have excellent communication skills

A Trainee Associate is the crucial bridge between the consumer and the company. He/She provides personalized sales and post sales support to customers with an aim to maximize sales through exceptional customer service. He/she displays merchandise, prepares products for sale, keeps the store secure, identifies opportunities for up selling and cross selling, and most importantly assists customers through the complete processes of sales in a confident, polite and persuasive manner. 

About this Course

Sales training for is THE KEY to significant sales increases and a better customer experience. This comprehensive course is fun, fast-paced, and positive – designed to not only teach, but also to engage you. You’ll finish the programme excited about being a retail sales person and confident that you can do the job

As a Trainee Associate, you can work in all retail outlets such as departmental stores, general stores, specialty stores, fresh food stores, quick service food stores, retail shops at supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls across all metropolitan and Tier 1 & 2 cities in India. 

Linking Sales & Customer Service

Know Your Customer

Create the Opportunity

Meet Customer Needs

Handle Objections

Close the Sale

After Sales follow up

Communication & Soft Skills

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