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Advance Cardiovascular Life Support

  • Learnet Skills Ltd (formerly IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Ltd) is an authorized ITC (International Training Centre) of The American Heart Association (AHA)
  • Two days, sixteen hours training programme
  • Curriculum and content mapped to AHA
  • Assessments by AHA certified instructors
  • Classroom training with hands on practicals
  • Eligibility: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics or any healthcare professional

This advanced course highlights the importance of high-performance team dynamics and communication, systems of care, recognition and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, immediate post-cardiac arrest, acute dysrhythmia, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes 

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How This Course Can Help You Succeed

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, also known as ACLS, is a protocol for managing patients who encounter severe medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. The AHA ACLS certification course teaches the participants on how to diagnose and administer care for an adult victim of cardiac and respiratory arrest as well as any other cardiopulmonary emergencies.

This programme has been designed for healthcare professionals who are involved in cardiovascular emergencies, be it the participation or direction in cardiopulmonary arrest management and emphasizes the importance of basic life support CPR to patient survival, integration of effective basic life support with advanced cardiovascular life support interventions and the importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation. ACLS is different from Basic Life Support (BLS) as it covers a much broader range of possible problems. It focuses on the stabilization of a patient before and after an emergency.

About this Course

During the ACLS training, you will be also be taught a number of pharmacological treatments that can be used in the case of a cardiopulmonary or respiratory emergency. 

Course is designed for healthcare providers who wishes to impart further specialized care to basic life support. This two day advance level course covers a verity of topics essential and applicable to most of emergencies. The candidate is expected to know basics of ECG and Pharmacology. He/ She is taught during the program how to identify and treat tachyarrthymias, bradyarrthymias, cardiac arrest and return of spontaneous circulation. In addition to above the programme covers topics such acute coronary syndrome, stroke, chain of survival, effective team dynamics in detail.

Respiratory Arrest Case

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Case

Acute Stroke Case

Cardiac Arrest

Pulseless Electrical Activity

Bradycardia Case


Immediate Post Cardiac Arrest Care Case

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