Become a

Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced)

  • Get trained in highest standards of emergency medical services
  • Prepare yourself with necessary skills and training to respond in basic emergency lifesaving situations.
  • 1000 hours of classroom and hand-on training in industry oriented labs
  • Certification by Healthcare Sector Skill Council
  • Lab Sessions for practicals & Industry Sessions for on-job learning
  • Career counseling for job applications & job database assistance

EMTs have a wide a range of career opportunities in the healthcare sector and can easily climb up the ladder of better opportunities with relevant experience and expertise



How This Course Can Help You Succeed

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a very important link in the healthcare industry. In India this is a relatively new field and there is an ardent need for trained EMS personnel 

A trained EMT can treat the patient in emergency conditions and save a life. India as a country lacks experts in EMS and hence a trained EMT can bridge that gap between a doctor and a nurse thereby providing highest standards of emergency medical services

About this Course

EMT- Advance is an advance level of EMT. EMT-Advance is trained in all skills of EMT- Basic with advance skills like Manual defibrillation, Advance airway management, Advance trauma care, advance pharmacology approach and basics of ECG

Human Body- Structure & Function

Lifting and Moving Patients

Basic Life Support

Trauma Management

Ambulance Management

Patient Assessment

Medical Emergencies Management

Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills

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